Mighty Ship

Had been in the harbor
All this time
Things felt so good
So pleasant… so sublime

It is time now
Orders from the ace
To leave the harbor
Unsure of what I’ll face

I depart slowly
from the land so dear
To venture new realms
With hope and fear

I sail… I sail
In the sunny morning
I sail … I sail
In the serene evening

Feels so wonderful
As the birds fly by making noise
Feels so thrilling
To watch the dolphins porpoise

I keep sailing
In the sea so blue and calm
Enjoying every wave
Anticipating no harm

And from nowhere comes a storm
So furious and raging
Sky turns dark and evil
This is just the beginning

Waves harrowed and frightened
Misguide me and shake me
Rain pours on so harsh
I am in dismay…Nothing I can see

Small and meek as I am
In front of this gigantic storm
It pushes me and presses me
Until I lose my form

Helpless and hopeless
I cry …
I hold up myself together
Determined to give a try…

Small is my form
But I got great vigor
Will fight this turbulence
And make it shiver

I sail … I sail
Piercing the rain and the twister
They better know what I am
I am born fighter

I endure the whips and lashes
So sharp and so rough
I got to fight it and win
I know not how to give up

I sail… I sail
Injured and bruised
But recalling the dreadful fight
Is all that keeps me amused

But the story does not end here
Will go on as long as the journey
More birds, more waves, more dolphins
More storms but the same mighty me


One thought on “Mighty Ship

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