The Harrowing Message

” We made vows …
To be together
Will never part ways
Be each others’… forever…

Oh! what a life it is…
Sun shining upon our love
Bright flowers, cool breeze
Sky so clear and blue above…

And one day, the Sky grows dark
Filled with clouds of pain
Heart bleeds blood
Hopes are all in vain …

You come like the death God
To make delivery of message of sorrow …
We have to part ways now
As you’ve to vow to someone else tomorrow …

I stand there all still
Feels like life going away
Will you be able to love her?
And there! He has no words to say …

I wonder how it will be like
To love somebody new
Will it replace the love …
That has been amidst me and you?

Will you find me
As her eyes shine bright
Will you feel me
As you kiss her goodnight…

It is so awful and painful
to think of it all…
Your love made me rise so high
Now I shatter as I fall…

I guess it is time I make peace
For the memories I must survive…
The irreplaceable love we had
I need to keep its flame alive …

Adios! My lover… 

Wish you a wonderful and blissful life ahead…”


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