The Photo Album

Partner … A person who takes part in undertaking with another, be it business, be it love or be it life. This poem is dedicated to all the lovers and loved ones and partners of life and love. Do not take the smallest moments of your life together, for granted. Cause … You never know… And by the time you know … There will be no lost time coming back.

So… here it goes …

It’s time … you go
catch your dreams …
While I ponder over
what it seems …

It’s gonna be long
It’s gonna be cold without you
It’s gonna be empty
for I love you so true …

I must make memories
and gift them to you
As you leaf through them
in your world so new …

I get it all done
with our picture on the cover
Give it to you
and wait for you to flip over …

You hold it and smile
I sense the joy you lack …
You say you got too many bags
Got no space for the gift to pack …

You leave it on the bed
And wave your hand as you go …
If we will ever meet again
You never know …

And as it goes…
Time never stays…
Lo and behold! you return
as your hair greys

Weak steps put forth
Old eyes searching for the past
Wondering it was just yesterday
Has the time faded so fast

But it’s still there
There where you left it all alone…
Blinded to grab the thing
that you had so badly sworn

Wrinkled hands pick it up
Flipping the memories so dear
Cherishing the times we had
filled only with love and no fear

Your eyes get wet
with our love still fresh and naive …
I wish your tears of regret
could bring me back alive …


4 thoughts on “The Photo Album

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