As Love Brews …

” I wait and watch how the love brews …

In the heat of compassion, the shade gets dark and beautiful …

The entwined souls rise as it boils harder …

Oh! Better watch that flame before it all spills like boiling tea from my tea vessel … “


16 thoughts on “As Love Brews …

      1. By the way, Sumi, if you feel like writing haiku anytime soon (and do not wish to pollute your wonderful corner of both beautiful and serious poetry) , I’ll be more than pleased to offer you a contributor role to my blog.
        Soon I’ll be making the necessary modifications to my site so that folks could submit their haiku or become contributors themselves. I’ve seen some serious haiku, but they get no traction whatsoever. Not even a single like 😦

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      2. Making me blush here :-0
        It so happens that I’m in the process of writing one.

        Generally, I would get my inspiration from listening to podcasts or reading books.

        Today I heard “Power of suggestion” and it clicked. It doesn’t mean I have the whole picture yet, it just clicked and I have something rather blur but the idea, the twist is in the air.

        Ah, speaking of which. At this point I decide whether I’ll go for serious or silly haiku. “Power of suggestion”… Silly it is. That something blurry tells me that’s a way to go.

        OK OK. Then I’ll wargame a silly skit / slapstick. Say, she tells him he doesn’t need to go there. Just before I carry on, I know that I have the second line (power of suggestion = 6 syllables. I slap “her” in front and it feels good). Or should I go with a serious one? Wargaming is still going on, mind you….

        “You need a new job.”
        Her power of suggestion.
        How does she do it?

        Hmm. The first line is off. But I got the second and third lines.

        Obviously, she tells me something. I agree with something like ‘So I did.’…
        It’s taking shape now, innit? 2 syllables for her command / advice…
        Firing up even more neurons right this very minute.

        If I write “Hug me.” So I did. It’s could get way too over the top for some. “Kiss me” is out of the question as well. With these 2 syllables I could have my either silly or serious twist.

        VoilΓ . Gotcha! Was grasping exactly for this. Check this out :
        “Buy this!” So I did.
        Her power of suggestion.
        How does she do it?!

        Phew, what a ride and a half! That’s how I do it πŸ™‚

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      3. Applause! That was quick and so logical! Yeah ! Haikus are so logical and precise. Loved the way you framed it in a jiffy.
        P.S. : I was taking notes of the same meanwhile πŸ˜‰
        Looking forward to more Haiku’s of yours and I will keep practicing meanwhile πŸ™‚


      4. I wish WordPress had more emoticons than mere “star”. For the composition you just made, you deserve “heart”, “claps” and “wows” (with twinkling eyes) πŸ™‚


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