Dark Love

Sitting by the window of the ghastly castle, she realised how innocent and naive she was. How easy it was to make a fool of her… to beguile her as the charming prince masquerading the monster within…to tear her wings apart and hold her captive in the dilapidated castle. 

Like a trembling lamb, with hint of fear, pain and inching valor, she reached up to her Lord and said, ” Of all the lot, you found me edible.”

The eyes gleamed in the dark…vicious and serpentile. The grin so bright and wicked that could terrify the mightiest soldier. The cosmos could be harrowed by his shrilling laughter. The sinful, bloody fingers reached out at her and said, ” My sweet little dove, you are not mere edible. I savored you and I will…

now and forever… “


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