Letter to Reality

Dear Reality,

I am okay with what you do everyday to me right from morning to the night. But here’s a piece of suggestion… Err.. Request … Err.. … How do I say it?!…

Aha! Reality! … I order you not to meddle with my real world…!

And that by all means does not revolve around you…!

My world of dreams, hopes, fantasies and my selfless and innocent creations is superior and way far realistic than your unrealistic, fake and meaningless terrors, nightmares in broad daylight, fight for trivial things that actually weigh less than someone’s life.

My world is the real world for it let’s people live in peace and enjoy candies and greet each other of different religions, regions and races. And if this is what I live in as a kid, I better not grow up to go to the world of adults which is so fake.

I wish we never cross our paths.



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