Picture called Life

Once a painter named God
Brought home a canvas so naive
It was sheer and unfledged
He named it Life

What to do with Life
God was restless and pondered
What hues to add to it
He was anxious and wondered

The canvas sat there still
Looking at its painter
As God got up with a brush
It seemed like a no-brainer

He dipped the brush
in a color so bright
Its name was Joy
It glowed like a golden light

And God got really busy
filling life with joy
A proposal struck his mind
that he wanted to toy

He brought another color
How to use, he had no clue
Sadness was its name
Its color was so blue

He would spray it on Life
Some trail and some stain
The canvas dripped all wet
As if soaked in heavy rain

Fuzzy his mind
Puzzled and so unclear
He picked up a color
whose name was Fear

He added touches of it
And life looked so dark
It looked so constrained
Fear was all black

He got more fuzzy
and gave his brush a thrust
picked up another color
Its name was Disgust

He drew lines with it on life
So fine,neat and keen
It looked so rebellious
its color was green

Something still missing
God could wait no longer
And grabbed a color
whose name was Anger

He stroked his brush swiftly
and the color begun to spread
Disgust and fear faded
The color was so red

Life had all colors
That seemed so undisputable
Emotions in right proportion
Life looked so beautiful

But it needed something
To prove life so right
God added a touch of Peace
Its color was white

Life looked in the mirror
and the emotions it all perceived
Thanked God for the gift
As it was so relieved


7 thoughts on “Picture called Life

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