Nocturnal Jitters

What is this feeling
The hunt for a friend at night
How inexplicable it gets
To hold on to someone tight

They say watch out
The wolves prowl at this hour
Waiting for the weak and lonesome
To grab and unflower

It’s at night the mind wanders
Searching for a friendly stranger
To confess and open up to
Without any fear of lurking danger

You got prying eyes
Suspicion and curiosity invoked
Mornings are not the same
Loved ones spying are now provoked

They doubt of deceit and infidelity
They are sure you are not the same
I was just searching for myself
Stop accusing me in God’s name

You found me active on the messenger
And disrupt my morning so fine
I was a fool to have not asked you
What were you doing online

Yes! Night is the time
And I am online
Waiting for someone who’ll listen
to the ordeals that’re all mine


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