Fashion Transitions

Fashion has always been a topic of interest since time immemorial. It has been evolving ever since civilisation took place. From early man to the modern man, fashion has transformed many ways. It is always not about how you eat, drink, talk or walk; what grabs the first attention, casts impression is the way you look. 

Fashion technology has understood the realms of human character, personality and behavior that change according to the environment. What amuses is the trick one can adapt to transform from messy to natty look. And that’s the beauty of Fashion World!

The quick tips involve the accessories you carry and cover ups like Sweaters, Pullovers and Blazers. If you must have noticed men who look really approachable, pleasant, sophisticated, snazzy, well-groomed and natty with a mere addition of Blazer to their messy t shirts and joggers.

So is with women. Getting late for work after a terrible hangover? No worries, just put on a sweater over your ripped jeans or a fine, natty Blazer over your joggers and off you go!

The trending fashion is not all about asymmetric gowns, tunics, ripped jeans and cropped tops. The retro fashion has and will never die out. A simple checked Blazer or plain sweater can do wonders to give you the trendy-yet-classy touch.
Ah! Speaking of fashion has tempted my fashion taste buds again. Time to browse some outfit ideas for my next hangout.

Have fun styling folks! 🙂


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