Movie Maniacs

Hi folks! I am sure most of us here are great movie buffs. The choice of genre may vary from one person to the other but I believe we all grab a certain interest in movies be it the cast, the cinematography, the dialogues, the act, the plot or theme songs, to name a few.

This blog post revolves around the movies with a twist. Yes! The one that hold us to the edge of the chair making us peel over layers to grab the hidden truth. 

Such movies to be exact, crime-drama or thrillers, are one of the categories that I can cling on to entire day without tiring.

I have listed below some cult movies in here (not in any order) for movie buffs who are as maniac as me about crime-drama/ thrillers/ murder-mystery. 

Please help me collect more if according to you I am missing some masterpiece. 

  1. The hidden face.
  2. Dorian Gray.
  3. Tell no one.
  4. Taking lives.
  5. The usual suspects.
  6. What lies beneath.
  7. Gone girl.
  8. The girl on the train.
  9. Chloe.
  10. Basic Instincts 1 & 2.
  11. The shutter island.
  12. The Oxford murders.
  13. The number 23.
  14. Original sin.
  15. Stoker.
  16. Side effects.
  17. Secret window.

That’s all I could remember that I have seen and appreciated the most. Help me find more.

Thanks! ^_^


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