Books for Life

Hi friends! Hope you all are loving and living your blogging life to the fullest. 

I feel immense pleasure as I share my book reading experience with you and I am sure avid readers can never quench their thirst of reading.

Most of us love the subtle, simple narrations that connect us well, the write ups that help us imagine the places and scenarios appear vivid.

I encountered two such books that sent me off to the world of imagination, connecting to simple lifestyles and narration filled with purity and innocence. These are the notable works of two most esteemed and famous authors – Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray

The collection of the short stories set in classic, retro era of Bengal is filled with morale, thoughtfulness and gives a deeper insight of simple lives of the people.

I recommend these two books ( see image for titles) to you and hope that you will cherish the subtle lifestyle endowed with light humor and provoking morals.

And yes! Please recommend some books to me and share your book reading experiences as well. Would love to have more collections! 

Cheers! ^_^


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