So be it …


I sat on my armchair
after the day long work
brooding over my past
Time watching me with a hidden smirk

I looked at the Sun
as it turned from yellow to red
My eyes could see no more
as a sudden darkness spread

Sooner I was in a world
where everything felt so right
Everyone was at peace
No worries, no fight

I saw myself holding her hand
vowing to live together eternally
I was astonished and happy
I confessed to her…

I had everything… like every darn thing
World where Man proposes and no one disposes
Oh! I can’t explain how it felt
Life was all bed of roses

Sooner amidst the roses, a thorn pricked
I jumped with an awful scream
Darkness had crept away
I realised it was all a dream

But the dream seemed so fine
Reality is so painful and dreary
If this is how God disposes
I would sleep forever for a life so


2 thoughts on “So be it …

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