A Shooting Star.

Oh Thank God! It just let me in…the WordPress! After all this time, I wondered if I could make it happen again and that too without petty obstacles that actually ruin the fun.

Hi! I am back and it seems like light years already. But then, one scribbles when he/ she is most expressive. The sudden gush of a thought or realisation  and you wanna jot it down before it fades away.

I guess that pretty much sustains the blog name!

Like a camera lens catching hold of something bizzarely beautiful, my eyes captured a sweet moment of a movie… Though it occurs in many movies..really common to eyes but there are moments when seemingly common becomes not so common.

Two friends walking on a side walk… Talking deep things out… Some not really deep… But basically sharing their day to day troubles and events. One soothes and comforts the other… the other acknowledges…

Then a brief silence takes over … Nothing more to speak…

Now both of them search for more stuffs to discuss about to cut the really uncomfortable silence … To measure the long path they are treading together… Don’t want to bid good byes any sooner…

Casual movements…hands swaying side by side… and something just happens.

Their fingers touch.

So what? Big deal.

Silence breaks and they talk again… This time may be something that involves some deeper emotions.

One gets stirred… And wants to comfort in much more expressive and observable way… Finger wants to entwine and hold the others for long but repels…

May be things won’t work as expected… May be the thing of present will be lost with a stupid act.. Don’t wanna lose it anyway…

The feeling of hesitation…desperation… confusion holds on tight and it is really deafening.. Can’t hear anymore…

And lo and behold ! Fingers touch again and within a crisp like moment …they entwine.

And separate no more.

No more words to express what just happened.

Small signs make huge difference in life.
A mere touch sets the hearts ablaze with feeling buried deep within. Not a word uttered… And they clear their hearts out …

We often pay no heed to small signals in our lives. A friend’s sudden grasp of your hand while you in traffic… Were you really looking forward to it? Does every friend do that? Some do… But a really special one definitely does.

That’s a ghost feeling…that abruptly comes out from nowhere when it takes much effort to convey by words… That how much he or she does care for you…

These moments are like shooting stars… If you miss one, you miss the beautiful moment that’s uncertain to be witnessed by you for years to come.


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