Mom…what do I do with and without you…


Today is the day
And now is the time
That I recollect the memories
So sweet and sublime

Held you so tight as a kid
Fearing the unknowns
Holding you tight again now
Fearing the unknown knowns

Everything you say
Is so sweet, wise and pleasing
And everything “extra” you say
Is so weird and annoying

I negate your rules and wise words
And go into my own world’s charms
But sooner I realise the truth
I rush to your wide open arms

No matter how much I say
You pester, nag and overdo
But I know in the core of my heart
That’s all your love and so true

Oh Mom! I know not what more to say
You are my best friend
You have been and will be by my side
Right from my birth till the end

Happy Mother’s Day…


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