Dance to Express…not Impress


Long weekend it was for sure and as have mentioned earlier…I didn’t give in to the weekend chaos. But the weekend gave me a lot of scope and opportunity to unwind myself. As it goes, “Old habits die hard”, I revived my passion over the weekend. My passion…Dance.

With all the moves I made to the music, yet another epiphany spilled over my mind. Certainly the title of the post is derived from a famous Bollywood dance movie AnyBody Can Dance (ABCD)… But at this point of my youth, I realised it was not mere moves, it was the reflection of my soul… How I perceived the I felt it…be the fun, the jolliness or the pain and agony.

In the Hindu mythology, lord Shiva’s Nataraj pose and Tandava form of dance, genuinely exemplify how dance is all about expression and that too when your spirits are on fire be it due to pain or extreme joy, you can never contain your dancing soul in your body.

The intrinsic emotional energy needs an outlet and is best expressed in the form of dance.

Dance is well known to have therapeutic effects. But I realised it lately.

The room was filled with the music and my soul was getting stirred with emotional turbulence. But as soon I closed my eyes and let myself loose to the rhythm of the music…I could channelise my emotions in the right way. The music and my moves directed my feelings and cornered away my stress in no time. All my negative vibes were converted into high impact moves in no time and I realised how elegantly I could express my emotions in the form of dance.

All that pumping heart beat, adrenaline rush, sweat and relaxed soul was a treat indeed!

So all you dance lovers ! Dance doesn’t have to have previous know how of moves and steps. Just feel the beats and set your emotions to the rhythm. Express yourself with dance and finally get impressed with the efforts you put in… 😉

Have a groovy time ahead!


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