Life, love and Magnet


Finally the much awaited weekend begun and ended in a blink. My epiphany arose again and I am back to my den to scribble out my heart and mind.

It just struck my mind how our lives are so analogous to the non living things of our day today life. For instance, take the magnets. Each time you find a couple all so different from each other, you claim “Opposites attract”… Just like the magnetic poles (Physics to the best of my knowledge!…)

But just a little more microscopic vision to the analogy. Now a days, opposites attract and repel easily too when we talk about relationships. I am sure you must have seen several cases by now amidst your friends circle and sympathising the broken hearts..  “He/ she was such a talkative one.. You were so silent…how could you even expect you both mingling together?..Good you separated before further disaster… ”

Easy as a cake walk… Ain’t it? But how did they repel? Isn’t it quite contradictory to the magnet theory? Or has the theory become obsolete?

The truth is… No one (may be!) looked into the other aspect of the magnet. Just try this experiment…

Hold two strong magnets close to each other…what do you feel? A strong force of attraction that you cannot negate easily. You need a negative force to separate them. Just let them easy and smack! They drag towards each other and unite.

Now hold that big chunk of magnet. Do not try to pull them apart, surely you will need force for that. But can you feel the attractive force in them anymore?

I guess it just appears to be one huge magnet and nothing more.

Love… My friends! Is just the above aspect when we have two opposites in relationship. They need to feel the force of attraction all the time. This is possible only when there exists a gap between them. The force has no effect once the gap is gone… Or in other words, that minimal space in a relationship.

A smothering relationship has no attractive force left cause it has no healthy space left between the two opposite entities to feel each other’s importance/ value in life.

I guess this theory gives my love birds some insight on how to keep the force intact and keep the fire of love ablaze.

Good night ! 😉


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