Let Go and Hold On


The title is self explanatory. But do we let go and hold on the right way? Don’t we do the opposite of what should be done?

Today begins another week on monotony yet it is just not like any other day. I learnt something new. Oh! But before I begin.. Let me tell you something. I decided experimenting my principles on weekend chaos rather than just posting them. To my utter satisfaction, it turned out well. My weekend was not cribby and I enjoyed whatever and no matter how much I could do.

Now coming back to the day’s lessons. Of course our epiphanies go saintly. But an ounce of practising them doesn’t hurt much. Does it? I was troubled a little over some wise and experienced opinion of my parents. I kept my cool and did my work though I was deeply upset within.

My very wise friend gave me a small instance of life which I want to share with you today:
There were two brothers living by a sea. One day, the elder brother slapped the younger for some reason. The younger brother rushed to the shore and scribbled on the sand, “My elder brother hit me today.” The other day, his elder brother saved him from drowning in the sea. The younger brother rushed to a stone and engraved on it, “My elder brother saved my life today.”
When asked for the discrepancy in writing, the younger brother replied, “I know what’s right to let go and what’s right to hold on.”

That brought a cheshired smile on my face. Indeed we hold on to negative experiences and let go the good ones. This holds us back in our lives as well.
Things we must know and remember:
The good deeds of our near and dear ones.
Things we must forget:
The misdeeds of our near and dear ones.
To move on in the right way, we must let go our bitter feelings and hold on to the good memories.



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