Weekend chaos!


Life these days has become so consuming and monotonous. Wake up early in the morning…slog for hours and drag your behind back to home ..just to eat and sleep… And this goes on for 5-6 days a week..until weekend…

Earlier, weekends used to be so much of fun. We would just wait for it so as to live our life…rejuvenate ourselves. But now.. The feelings are no more the same. Perhaps we are so much prepared for the next Monday that we cannot see the value of weekend anymore. It comes like an alert message of anti-virus update.

Hi! This is weekend. I am valid only for two days..(in worst cases…just 1). Live your life within the timeline before it expires..!

The chaos of weekend leaves us topsy turvy and half baked in whatsoever we plan for.

The best part is, I’m scribbling my heart out on a Sunday at 11:00 p.m. knowing the fact that, I got to wake up early tomorrow. But I also know that, if I don’t do it right away, my “Epiphany” would vanish..

Now the cliche… Why this “weekend chaos”?

Life throws at us so many balls that we aim at hitting every single ball and not taking a chance to miss any. In fact, we lack strategy of hitting the balls. On the contrary, they hit us hard and drop.

Lack of patience and belief on our strategies compels us to try out every single thing on our wish list in just 1-2 days time. We know within  that it’s impractical, yet we are just not ready to wait until the next weekend.

Today I realise that, there’s no harm rain checking a task to next weekend. If I waited so long, be it another week. But at least I will be prepared for it by the clock’s tick of 5-6 days.

It’s important to realise that we chalk out task for stipulated weekend and not expect longer weekend to get all our desires fulfilled.

Further, when you start one, end it. Complete it and do not keep it for next weekend. At least by the end of the weekend you will be relieved to have completed a task! Be it even threading a needle!

Finally, I feel better now. I at least blogged away my Sunday wee hour and will not regret tomorrow of having a grumpy weekend.

So take it easy…love yourself.. Prioritise your desire and fulfill them this weekend… Let weekend be fun..and serene…not chaotic..

Have a great week ahead! 🙂


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